Couples                                                      Individuals                                                    Families                                 Terminal and Chronic Illness

Who I work with

  • Adults
  • Couples (including same sex couples)
  • Families
  • Teenagers
  • College Students
  • LGBT Community


  • Depression and sadness
  • Low self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Worries & fears
  • Processing a severe medical diagnosis
  • Social Anxiety
  • Panic/Anxiety attacks
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Relationship issues
  • Family of origin issues
  • Assertiveness skills & boundary setting
  • Anger management skills
  • Social difficulties
  • Social skills
  • Grief & loss
  • Transitioning after divorce
  • Transitioning after end of dating relationship
  • Work-related issues
  • Relationship-related issues (dating, family & friendship)
  • Personal growth, increased insight & self-understanding
  • Considering difficult decisions


  • Enriching your couples relationship experience
  • Improved relational intimacy
  • Communication & listening skills
  • Conflict reduction & resolution skills
  • Problem solving skills as a couple
  • Resolving difficult issues
  • Repairing relationships & rebuilding trust after emotional and sexual affairs


  • Resolving family conflict 
  • Developing conflict management skills to prevent future conflict
  • Improved communication & family closeness
  • Coping strategies for families dealing with terminal illness and cancer
  • Repairing damaged relationships
  • Transitioning after divorce, separation, and re-marriage
  • Co-parenting in a blended family
  • Co-parenting effectively with motivated other parent of child following divorce/separation

Adolescents, and College Students

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Low self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Social anxiety and social skills
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  •  Boundary setting & Assertiveness skills
  • Anger management skills
  • Transitioning after parental divorce, separation or re-marriage
  • Relationship-related issues (dating & friendship)
  • Conflict with siblings/sibling rivalry
  • Conflict with parents
  • Transitioning after moving or changing schools
  • Transitioning to high school or college
  • Failure to launch after high school or college.

You are not alone! No matter what problems you are facing, you can overcome them and I will teach you how. My training and experience is in treating couples, individuals and families.   I work with clients to help them target goals, learn new and more effective coping skills as well as implement strategies to better manage their challenges.   The overriding goal in therapy is enhancing the quality of your life.

My specialty is working with couples and families in which a member has a chronic, terminal or psychiatric illness.

Individual  Therapy
In individual therapy, the client will learn ways to restructure negative thoughts into more positive and successful ways of thinking.  I help clients discover and challenge old patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of personal goals.  I also enjoy helping clients work through various life transitions and relationship issues.  I will help you learn effective coping strategies, improve your relationships, make healthy decisions, and take positive actions to create a happy and satisfying life.

.When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”— Viktor E. Frankl

Marital & Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, one of my primary goals is to help couples develop healthy ways to resolve conflicts, find compassion, nurture each other, and meet each others needs. I strive to provide an unbiased and supportive environment where couples can feel more comfortable sharing authentically and building emotional intimacy.  All couples go through periods of difficulty, whether due to life transitions, loss, infidelity, or simply feeling disconnected. Choosing to get help by seeing a therapist can be difficult, but it can be the first step towards creating a better relationship.  I teach practical relationship skills targeted to your specific needs, and facilitate new ways of discussing problems in the relationship. which includes well-researched evaluation tools and structured sessions.

"We are never so vulnerable as when we love.Sigmund Freud

Family Therapy
Family Therapy is perfect for families experiencing ongoing conflicts, arguments, or difficulty getting along. My approach provides positive family interventions and interactions to improve communication skills among family members.  Family Therapy is very beneficial for families dealing with a diagnosis of a terminal or chronic illness no matter what ages of the family members are, even adults need help learning how to cope with a parent's illness.

"We live in the shelter of each other." Celtic saying

Terminal or Chronic Illness

My concern with clients diagnosed with a terminal illness is  the psychological responses of patients at all stages of the disease and that of their families and caretakers. For family members of someone diagnosed with an illness, it can be very difficult to manage.  They often struggle with knowing what the patient needs, how to give it to them, and how to take care of their own personal needs as well.  I have found, in the past several years, that there is very little support for family members and caregivers of ill patients.  I am here to give that support from a unique perspective. 

"When someone has cancer, their whole family and everyone who loves them does too"